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#12: A Psychiatrist's View On Coaching with Dr. Richa Thapa

In this episode, we introduce you to our friend, Dr. Richa Thapa.  She is a clinical psychiatrist who is a burnout survivor and newly certified Life Coach.  Her inspirational story of beating the odds of breast cancer, surviving burnout, and discovering a passion for wellness coaching, especially topics about self-confidence and self-love.  Enjoy this insightful and thoughtful episode with Dr Thapa and her journey.

*Here are some of our favorite moments:

Dr Thapa:

      "I kind of had to just take a step back and reevaluate. I was really burnt out. I felt like I couldn't take care of anyone else's mental health before I could take care of my own."

     "my biggest thing going through my cancer journey was, “I don't want to get depressed.” As a psychiatrist, I know what depression can do. I know what anxiety can do. And I know it would just have made everything worse."

     "it was like the beginning of a freedom that I didn't know existed."

     "this is like cognitive behavior therapy light. It's like a simpler version. But to me, what I liked about it is it was so accessible."

     "our wellbeing and there's multiple facets to it, but my love is self-confidence coaching, self-love coaching. I feel like if you can be your own friend and learn to just love yourself in your toughest times you can get through anything."


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