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#10: Self Talk

This episode looks at the relationship you have with yourself, specifically your self-talk. What kind of self talk do you use daily? Would you speak that way to a friend or a child?  If not, it isn't something you need to say to yourself either.

Some highlights:

  • "The talk that I found myself saying to myself was more dismissive. And that is what I thought humility was, but that is nowhere in the definition of humility."
  • "Sometimes we're just flat out mean to ourselves and pick ourselves apart. Like, we would never talk to anyone else the way we might talk to ourselves."
  • "But we can approach ourselves like we would any other friend and we really do need to be our own best friend because when it comes down to it, that's the only thing we're guaranteed. We're guaranteed to have ourselves."
  • "...expecting somebody else to do that for us is expecting a human being to know what we need. We know best the messages that we need to hear for ourselves."
  • "The first step is to recognize them. The first step is to get outside of our brain and look down and observe our thoughts." 

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