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#2: Meet the Docs

In this episode, Drs. Morrison, Cazier and Dinsmore introduce themselves and discuss their own personal wellbeing struggles while working in medicine (spoiler: 2 of the 3 even quit at one point to save their sanity). After the lowest points in their careers, they each began a journey back to wellness which has enabled all three to continue working clinically. Currently, after additional training in life, health and wellness coaching, they’re ready to share all they’ve learned in the hopes that some of the suffering they experienced can be avoided by others.

Get ready to meet Dr. Kendra Morrison, Dr. Laura Cazier, and Dr. Amanda Dinsmore.

Some highlights from Dr. Dinsmore:

  • “I had a harder and harder time forgiving myself for being human.”
  • “ I became a professional feeling-stuffer, and I was using food to help with feelings. I was using wine. I was using television, like binge-watching all of the Real Housewives of every city.”
  • “I was ruminating; I wasn’t sleeping. I was thinking about everything that went wrong all of the time.”

Some highlights from Dr. Morrison:

  • “At this point in my career- is this it? It can’t be it. And I can’t be this angry all the time. I can’t be this disappointed.”
  • “I think all of us as physician find ourselves in that position where we can not disclose. We feel that there could be some report to a medical board, or just fear of having a stigma of having some kind of mental health diagnosis.”
  • “Everything that we have learned over the last couple of years…has overflowed into all of my relationships and has been rewarding.”

Some highlights from Dr. Cazier:

  • “And I know, I know most of us have had that feeling where everyone’s just way too sick and everyone is spread way too thin. And it’s just scary. And I got to the point, I was like, what am I doing? This is horrible. I am shortening my life, and I’m miserable. I don’t like the person I am.”
  • “I remember the discussion I had with my medical director before I quit. She was like, you may never be able to come back. And I was like, I don’t care. I don't care if I never see this place again. And at that time I meant it.”
  • “We’re all resilient already. Otherwise we wouldn’t have made it through residency training, but to really come into any circumstance and know how to manage our minds around it is a tremendous skill that I’m continuing to develop.”
  • “There’s nothing more powerful than to create a beautiful life that is the life that you want.”