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#1: Our Why - The Burnout Dumpster Fire

Physicians are feeling the burn of working in medicine. In this episode, Drs. Morrison, Cazier and Dinsmore review the 2022 Medscape article, “Physician Burnout & Depressions Report 2022: Stress, Anxiety, and Anger." This survey of over 13,000 US physicians revealed:

  • which specialities are the most affected by burnout
  • male vs. female burnout rates
  • what physicians reported contributes most to burnout
  • severity of impact burnout has on their lives
  • quotes from doctors in their own words
  • most commonly used coping strategies
  • evidence for reluctance to seek help
  • willingness to seek out professional help going forward


“Emergency Medicine, Critical Care, OB/GYN, Infectious Disease, Family Medicine, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, and Diabetes & Endocrinology were all 50% or greater burned out. So being alive and being one of those doctors working, you are more likely to be burned out than not.”

“It’s no wonder that people don’t seek help when they need it.”

“I think the medical culture definitely reinforces being impenetrable. If you have a problem, don’t talk about it.”

“There are things that we can do with simple mind shifts, mindset shifts that can make such a tremendous difference. And that’s why I’m excited.”

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