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Physician Wellness Triage

Try a free 30 minute private coaching strategy session with the certified coaches at The Whole Physician.  If you aren't quite sure if coaching can help you, this is the perfect way to be sure.  

Coaching has been proven in multiple randomized controlled trials (including the Mayo Clinic and McLean Hospital - a Harvard affiliate) to benefit physician wellbeing.  These techniques have been used for YEARS in business and athletics, and we are so glad it is finally taking off in medicine.

We strongly believe that the healers are the priority and need tools not only for taking care of others but also for taking care of themselves as well.  

Sign up for a free session now. We've experienced the benefits first hand and have helped others just like you. What have you got to lose?

What People Are Saying:

I really have loved this life coaching program! It helps people get their own power back by taking responsibility for their lives!! I highly recommend this program and think it is one of the missing links in healthcare today!

R.T., Psychiatrist

I have benefited greatly from coaching in the past several weeks. I’ve been struggling with imposter syndrome, lack of confidence and excessive self criticism. To speak with someone who is in the same line of work is very powerful. Physician wellness is proportional to the quality of patient care we provide. I have participated in group wellness, exercise, seminars, conferences, etc. but none of those have made as much difference as one-on-one coaching.

A.G., ER Doc

Working with a coach has done more for my wellness than any of our hospital’s initiatives ever have. Nothing beats that one on one time with a fellow doc…[who’s] been there themselves. I only wish I’d started it earlier in my career and that more docs had access to this wonderful tool to combat physician burnout.

S.T., ER Doc