What's the ICD-10 Code for Injury Sustained in a Dumpster Fire?

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We know working in medicine is a doodoo show right now--and you are walking in it, through it, and we get it! Most of it is out of your control, but there are some ways to help you feel better right now--we want to equip you with tools to be able to walk into the dumpster fire and not get burned. Join us for our free webinar to help you learn how to fire-proof your career.

What you'll learn:


  • How YOU feeling  terrible punishes you, and how to stop the cycle of feeling exhausted and burned out. 


  • How you can take control over your own happiness...waiting isn't working. The cavalry isn't coming for us! You're going to need to figure it out, and we can help!


  • How focusing on what went WRONG is making you miss out on everything that went RIGHT.


  • The statistics say 80% of burnout is attributed to the organization, but there is 20% that YOU can change today. Let's start there.



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